Application-Specific Circuitry

The RIS Corp. design and manufacturing team are building a quality record in customer-specific electronic design and production. Listed below are several areas representative of our capabilities:
  • High temperature and high vibration electronics for down-hole drill bit applications
  • Sensor systems including RTD's, thermocouples, accelerometers, magnetometers and other MEMs devices
  • Digital signal processing circuits using FPGAs
  • Signal processing electronics for portable instrumentation
  • Custom-designed electro-optics circuitry
  • Embedded microcontroller applications
  • Packaging and board layout
RIS's team of electronic and mechanical designers consider the full system performance when integrating detector, electronics, and data acquisition. Issues such as size, cost, optics design, noise performance, pulse response, timing, packaging, and shielding shape the final implementation through analysis, electronic simulation, and 3-D modeling.
Our customer-specific design capabilities allow RIS to enhance functionality, improve circuit performance, and significantly miniaturize the packaging sizes for our customers' instrumentation. Our Design Notes & Photos illustrate a sampling of projects for your review.

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